Camping Done Right

by Matthew Rzepnicki

My Favorite Camping Food


The best fast food around! My kids wanted an adventure and camp. I am not talking the camping where you get your camper out or your motor home and pull into a nice flat campsite, hook up the water for fresh water, plug in the outlet for modern lighting and attach the sewer hose for the bathroom convince. OH NO, we have to rough it with a tent, no electricity, no running water and only a campfire to cook. So of course last minute planning: pack the tent, fill the car with the necessities such as clothes, sleeping bags, pillows, toothbrush, matches for a fire and containers to hold water. Remember the flash lights and fresh batteries and hope that more fun is not in store with old man weather and a raining down pour or other inclement weather. Yep this is the camping we have the opportunity to experience!

As the nurturer and provider of meals in the home I am faced with the question, what do I do about feeding this family while roughing it in the woods? Ok we have a hopeful campfire, tinfoil, plates and a cooler filled with ice. Keeping food cold is a possibility and warming food; maybe even cooking in tinfoil is a possibility. Suddenly, like a genie flying out of his oil lamp with the magic for life’s problem, the perfect solution for what to feed the campers comes.

Of course, feed them Uncle Peters Pasties! Wanting mouth watering food that combines nutrient dense ingredients with the highest quality and standers of any prepared foods in the industry, this was a prefect choice. Oh and did mention with literally four hours to pack and get to the campgrounds I had very little time for planning or packing. Since Uncle Peter’s Pasties offers a wide variety of pasties choices, everyone could be stratified.

The non-meat eater had her choice of vegetable, broccoli and cheese, southwestern or spinach feta. My diary free child could enjoy any variety of the wild game, chicken, beef, or turkey pasty and my husband could have his cheese and meat fix with the pepper-jack flavor. As for me, the chicken divan is always a delight of savory flavors that satisfy my pallet. The dreaded thought of breakfast preparation was almost as daunting as dinner questions! Not wanting to fill up on foods like bagels, doughnuts or other such foods and with limited cooking abilities, this combo made for slim options. Under the short time frame for planning, shopping and preparing for healthy good meals, I turned to Uncle Peters Pasties once again. The breakfast pasties warmed up providing a perfect mouth watering bacon egg cheese delight. And for my son with the no cheese rule….. The apple pasty satisfied his taste buds and this mom was happy that he at least ate some fruit!

So how does one go about cooking Uncle Peters Pasties so easily while camping?

Step 1: Go to your nearest local Uncle Peters Pasties provider or better yet order them on line at and have your freezer stocked piled for emergencies like my camping emergency.

Step 2: Get a cooler and fill with ice and a variety of frozen pasties.(Do not cover the pasties with ice or they could get soggy. Frozen pasties should stay frozen in a cooler for at least 24 hours without ice)

Step 3: Remember to pack: essentials to start your campfire and tinfoil!

Step 4: Once you arrive at your camping destination and set up camp, get the fire going. Choose your favorite pasty from your cooler and unwrap it from its original wrapping. Re-wrap the mouth watering pasty in tinfoil (heavy duty), and place the tinfoil wrapped pasty over the glowing log (do not place directly on the glowing log it will burn before becoming hot). Leave on the campfire for about 40min depending how thawed the pasty was when initially placed on the campfire.

Step 5: Take off campfire check to make sure the pasty is completely warmed. All of Uncle Peters Pasties are precooked so all you are doing is warming the pasty, you don’t have to be concerned about eating under cooked meat! Once your pasty is steaming hot, bite into the perfect camping meal, enjoy your new favorite camping food!