Our Story

  • It all began with a vision, a passion for food, and a dream to keep a tradition alive. Peter and Nancy Caruso have always been entrepreneurs. When the economy shifted in 2009, they too had to make some shifts in their endeavors. With a heart for people, an amazing recipe, and an empty building in their hometown of Clarkston, MI, Uncle Peter's Pasties was born.

Crafting an extraordinary culinary tradition, Uncle Peter's Pasties brings back memories of mom in the kitchen making pasties, grandma sending grandpa to work with a hot meal, and the immigration of great grandparents into the United States. Uncle Peter's Pasties vision is to keep the culture, history and memories of the past alive with superior tastes and aromas of traditional food!

To preserve the past we have to nurture our future. We have made conscious choices for our future by using local produce in every pastie. We have our own local farmers who supply us with amazing grass fed organic meat. You will find only the highest quality ingredients in every pastie for superb taste and nutrition. Never any preservatives, never any antibiotics, never any hormones, never any GMO foods are used. Always, free range and grass fed.

Each pastie is handmade by our wonderful staff who share the same values and excitement for our future. With every bite you will taste the Uncle Peter's Pasties hand rolled difference.

We are currently in more than 170 stores, have 3 storefronts, and have made over 2 million pasties. We live by our slogan “Food with a label your kids can read”

Our story is simple, our vision is monumental. Grab your favorite Uncle Peter's Pastie and share in the memories of the past and the hope for the future.